First Baptist Irmo

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Join us for worship and Bible study at any of our scheduled services.(link to service and SS times)

Get to know others.
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Profess your faith in Christ (link to the plan of salvation)
Be baptized….we believe in baptism by immersion.

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Membership requires commitment in attendance, stewardship, and service.

Already a Believer?….
If you are already a Believer, and a member of another Southern Baptist Church, you may wish to move your church letter from the other church.

If you are not from a Southern Baptist background, yet you wish to join First Baptist Church, you may request membership by declaring your faith in Christ.

Every Believer is called to follow Christ. Learning and growing as a disciple is our “spiritual service of worship” (Romans 12:1). Explore what it means to be a disciple.(link to discipleship tab)

As Believers are called to be disciples, they are also gifted and sent to serve. Disciples serve in ministry in the church and community. Disciples are missionaries in their neighborhoods. Disciples learn to serve selflessly (As you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto Me…(Matthew 25:21-46)

Come and Visit!

Our regular meeting times are Sunday morning at 8:40 in the Sanctuary, 10:00 am for Sunday School and 11:15 for a modern service in the Family Life Center. Also, Sunday night at 6pm and Wednesday night at 6 pm.

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