What We Do

Missions & Ministries

Our Missions Team believes that mission opportunities inspire Christians to shout the name of Jesus everywhere! This ministry exists to create those opportunities so the church will stay on mission!

Mission Trips:

Annual adventures are planned to travel into a new place to share Jesus’ love with new friends. Our goal is to strengthen fledgling congregations, win new believers, and to help establish new points of ministry.

Sharing God’s Love:

This is a local mission to a multicultural community. Food, clothing, and benevolence are the tools for reaching people with the message of God’s love.


The Women’s Missionary Union has long been a missions ministry for Southern Baptists. As a supportive ministry, they encourage support for missionaries both in the USA and abroad.


Evangelism is the great assignment! It is the most important task of the church! We are commanded to go into all the world, preach the Gospel, and to make disciples! To make a disciple, someone has to become a Believer and a follower! And that means that they must be told about Jesus! Our ministry of evangelism is led by a team of dedicated members who lead in training members how to share their faith. They plan special evangelistic events… BIG events annually… They reflect our commitment to change the world around us to become followers of Christ.


First Baptist Church has fellowship that is off the chain! You will never meet a group of Believers who “do fellowship” like the folks here! Regular fellowship includes some of the following scheduled events:

  • Wednesday Fellowship Meals
  • Fourth of July Celebrations
  • Great Sunday Nights in August
  • Recreation – Volleyball, Basketball, Golf Tourneys, etc.

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