We have four worship services during the week to learn about and praise God:

Sunday Morning Worship

8:45 AM

Our earliest Sunday morning service starts at 8:45 AM.  If you feel more comfortable in a traditional service, singing praise songs from the hymnal, you’ll feel right at home here.  Our choir sings heartfelt songs of worship that have stood the test of time and the messages are both timely and timeless.

11:15 AM

Our second Sunday morning service starts at 11:00 AM. If structured worship doesn’t appeal to you, but singing songs of joy and praise with an upbeat rhythm does, this might be a good service to visit. You won’t have to know the words or look up a hymn, just sing along with our praise team. The service may be contemporary, but the message is founded on eternal truths that never tarnish or go out of fashion.

Bible Study

10:00 AM

Do you want to study and learn more about the Bible? Do you want to be encouraged and grow in your faith? Do you like to be around other believers and hear how God is at work in their lives everyday? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have a Bible Study for you!

Sunday Evening


6:00 PM

Sunday mornings are only the beginning of our day of worship. Sunday night is usually a more intimate and personal gathering, but so incredibly important before the start of a long work week.

Children’s Ministry

5:00 PM

Youth Ministry

6:00 PM