Adults & Seniors

Adults - from weekly Bible studies to seasonal small groups you are sure to find a church family and regular discipleship. There are many different Bible study groups to choose from on Sunday mornings, and at 5:00 PM on Sunday Evenings we have a church-wide Bible study in the Family Life Center, where Pastor Blair is currently teaching through Genesis.

Senior Adults - in addition to the opportunities on Sundays and Wednesdays, our “Amazing Grays” are active together in different ministries and interests. There is an Amazing Grays “potluck” lunch at 11:30 on the first Wednesday of every month, so come for some great food, fellowship, and guest speakers/musicians!

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Sunday Mornings

9:00am - 10:00am

Bible Study Groups

Coffee starts at 8:45am in Building 100 & then groups are in Buildings 100 & 200


Worship Service

.In the Sanctuary

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday Evening worship will start back on September 12


Evening Worship Service

In the Sanctuary.

Wednesday Evenings

Prayer Meeting will start again on September 8.


Prayer Meeting

We gather in the Sanctuary to pray, for others, the church, and our nation.


Choir Practice

Anyone interested in joining the Choir, meet us in the choir room on Wednesdays!

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Men's Class

Age Group: 30s & up

Get your coffee and take a seat to enjoy great conversations with brothers in Christ. Composed of ages 30s and up, Gilbert leads from the Explore the Bible study and working from the theological topics in the Scripture text he opens up for conversation about the biblical principles and everyday life.

Gilbert Marlowe - Building 100 Classroom 104

Women's Class "Joy"

Age Group: 30s & up

Ladies of all ages will feel right at home in this class as they study God’s Word from the Explore the Bible series. For over the past 10 years Janet has faithfully taught the Scriptures each week always making sure to present the truth in the light of everyone’s struggles and experiences. Come join this loving group of women and find sisters in Christ who have a passion for growing in God’s Word!

Janet Davis - Building 100 Classroom 102


Age Group: All Ages • Singles & Couples

Greg and Yvonne lead this coed class of all ages made up of both singles and couples. They describe their class as “Friends on a Journey together who laugh a lot, learn a lot, and love Jesus a lot!” They have a great desire to grow in their relationship with Christ as they study and discuss His Word together.

Greg Cockrell & Yvonne Howard - Building 200 Classroom 206

Young Adult "Truth Seekers"

Age Group: 20s-40s • Singles & Couples

Made up of singles and couples from their 20s-40s, every class begins with catching up and sharing prayer needs. Burton then teaches the class with an expository style opening up for discussion along the way. Following the Explore the Bible series this class will equip you with a deeper confidence in the Word and encouragement for the week.

Burton Rhodes - Building 200 Classroom 204

Coed 1

Age Group: late 40s - late 50s

Jim has been teaching this class made up of adults from their late 30s to late 50s. This is a conversational class that uses the Gospel Project curriculum and is very application focused. You will leave every Sunday more encouraged as a spouse, employee, and parent!

Jim Channell - Building 200 Classroom 205

Coed 2

Age Group: 50s & 60s

This group of 50s and 60s is a great class focused on 2 things: fellowship and applying the Bible in their daily lives. Randy is currently teaching through the Bible Studies for Life curriculum, leading the group in the Word as they discuss the topics in a relatable way to their own lives and current issues. Come join this fellowship and grow in your relationship with Jesus every week.

Randy McJunkin - Building 100 Classroom 111

Coed 3 "Friendship Class"

Age Group: 50s and up • mostly couples

The Coed 3 class—known as the “Friendship class”— is our biggest coed class! This is a fun group made up primarily of couples 50s and up. John has been teaching this group for over 15 years. Preparing each week he teaches through the Bible Studies for Life curriculum with a classical approach, engaging everyone with the Word and discussing it in the context of current issues facing believers.

John Cooley - Building 100 Classroom 101

Coed 4 "Sojourners"

Age Group: 60s & up

Come sojourn through the Word of God and with this class, as Nick leads his class through the Explore the Bible curriculum. This class is composed of couples and singles who were adults during the Reagan administration, and are truly sojourning together in this life together.

Nick Matthewes - Building 100 Classroom 106

Coed 5

Age Group: 70s & up

Myra has a passion to study and teach God’s Word. She brings the weekly Scripture text to life every Sunday as she leads this group of couples and singles through the Explore the Bible series. Come join our most senior class in the conference room on Sunday mornings!

Myra Smith - Building 200 Classroom 209 (Conference Room)